Latest Project: AEON - Chapman University Digital Arts Thesis Film


Please describe your project, the goals and what you want to accomplish with it.

I want to create a new abstract audio-visual short film that explores new ways to combine 2D animation with Virtual Reality (VR). A big technical goal is to discover how to make VR a more accessible medium for both creators, and viewers. Creatively I want to be pursuing animation that breaks out of its established mold but can provide unconventional yet compelling experiences to people.

How does this project build off your previous work?

(Technical): The goal of my previous project at Chapman University, AEON, was to create a stereoscopic 3D film that leverages 2D animation in a unique way. This new project will build off that concept while taking the next step to push it to an even more immersive medium: Virtual Reality. A lot of time was dedicated previously in discovering and defining my unique experimental workflow, so for this future project, both quality and quantity will be improved.

(Collaborative): During the last semester of its production, I was of few students lucky to be mentored by Chapman’s Filmmaker in Residence, Don Hahn (Disney producer of Lion King, Beauty & the Beast). I consider the collaboration with him as the most invaluable resource and biggest lesson from the project. I believe that becoming an Adobe Creative Resident will continue to expose me to brilliant minded talent that will push myself, and those around me creatively.

What Tools will you use?

Extensive Use

  • Adobe Animate 
  • Adobe After Effects 
  • Premiere Pro

Occasional Use

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Autodesk Maya

Describe your work flow for this project.

  1. Concept/Music - Collaborating with the musician for an original score which we'll identify the story beats and the progression of the film.

  2. R&D - Experimentation and learning new techniques while waiting for the music to be finalized (4-6 weeks).

  3. 2D Animation / Layout - I animate straight ahead, frame by frame, in Animate CC in synchronization with the music. Also I do rough layouts planning how these 2D animated assets will be set in a 3D space.

  4. Pre-vis - I set the 2D animation in After Effects CC and create all camera animation. (The most time intensive part).

  5. Visual Effects - With After Effects CC, I apply filters to all of the 2D animation and add supplemental effects to enhance the main animation and create atmosphere.

  6. Edit & Repeat - Use Premiere CC to align the multiple shots, and continue the process.

How do you plan to share your project with the creative community?

I’d like to start off by applying to film festivals with New Media categories. Afterwards I’d like to share the full video on Vimeo for the public to see. For the VR version, I’d share to whatever’s the most accessible platforms at the time, (which is difficult to predict now… Vive / Rift / Mobile VR hardware to be expected).

What do you want the community to learn from your project?

I’d love for people to see what’s possible when you combine software in certain ways! I haven’t seen too many people utilize the collaborative potential of Flash and After Effects. I was able to make a full stereoscopic 3D film with drawn animation and After Effects alone, so why not VR too? I’d like to push a lot of ideas and show everyone the limits of it!

(Other Projects)

Out of school I have been freelancing various video jobs, primarily including Drone Photography and Logo Animation. It would be a dream to work with Adobe to get closer to the specific kinds of animation I'm passionate towards!