About AEON

AEON is an abstract immersive audio-visual experience. A study on the behavior of energy over a period of time. Created using experimental 2D/3D animation techniques.

Director Statement

Ever since I began animating, I slowly became addicted to creating movement that you can literally "feel". Whenever I get the impact or flow right in a piece, I sense what I'm creating truly has life. My goal with AEON was to deliver the soul of that feeling to the audience.

Filmmakers Oskar Fischinger and specifically Michel Gagne's with his short, Sensology, inspired me to create AEON in the experimental visual-music medium.

In addition, I wanted to create an experience that could be felt in more than just one-dimension. Because of this, AEON's recommended and preferred viewing is in stereoscopic 3D. I'm also excited to finish the VR version, for complete immersion. (Currently in R&D).


Aeon Crew


Derek O'Dell

Director, Producer, Animation

Graduated Chapman University with a BFA in Digital Arts, 2016. Responsible for the concept and all of the visuals behind AEON.

Always interested in creating new, unique, memorable experiences.


Jason Gallaty

Musician / Sound Design

The creation of AEON began with the music. Jason masterfully crafted Derek's vision into sound, kick-starting the back and forth audio-visual production process to create this film.

You can also check Jason out and his other musical works on his Sound Cloud: Theophany.


Derek O'Dell

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